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Need Help Reinstalling SKSE!

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Dear All:


This is Shezza. Good morning, afternoon, evening from Canada!


For openers, I'd like thank everyone for helping me find Nebarra. I don't know what I'm getting into with him, but I shall soon see.


I now come to this forum to ask for help with reinstalling my SKSE. It keeps telling that it can't find the Skyrim.exe. I had my SKSE for a good month or so, but it then decided to go AWOL.


I, ergo, am asking some sympathetic soul to help me with this bothersome problem. When I went through those four years of computer classes back in the mists of history (read: the 20th Century), they focussed on the business side of the computer and not the gaming side.


I thank you kindly for your time. I remain,



Sincerely yours always,



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Do you have the SKSE tool installed on Vortex, or do you use MO2? As long as you have the correct version of SKSE, it is usually just a matter of telling the tool where to look for SKSE, and the SKSE launcher where to look for SSE. Going AWOL is often a symptom of an updated Skyrim, so check your SSE version.


First, is your skse64_loader located in your \Bethesda\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition folder - the same one as the SSE executable?

Next, is it the proper version for your SSE executable? (2.2.3 for the 1.6.640 .exe) check ( http://skse.silverlock.org/ ) if in doubt.


If you use Vortex, the tool must be set to find SKSE. Locate the 'Edit' function in the three dots to the right of the tool, look for both the 'Target' and the 'Start in' entries. Use the folder icon to the right of each to tell them where to look. The Target line must be directed to the SKSE64_loader.exe, and the Start In line is only directed to the folder the loader is located in (for me, that is the Skyrim Special Edition folder, which is where your SKSE64_loader should be installed). Things should now work.

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This is Shezza. Greetings from Canada!



Where do I find the .exe file for Skyrim exactly? I'm sorry for being dim? Have you a diagram that shows me where to put it? Is there something I need to change in Vortex?



Thank you kindly!



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It would be in the "c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\" folder.


Which, by the way, is a terrible place to have the game installed. Windows protects the "program files" folders and makes modding the game more difficult than it needs to be.

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If you use Steam, you can open the 'Library' view, then right-click on the 'Play' button, and go to 'Properties'. From there, click on 'Installed Files', and hit Browse. This will take you to the Skyrim Special Edition folder. You should be able to copy/paste the directory information, as long as you have windows set to show the directory.

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