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[SSE] A Night To Remember


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To quote another mod maker; "Have you ever wanted to have a wife so deep in the dark arts that her appearance exudes an aura of matronly experience and otherworldly power? Have you ever been frustrated with the lack of marriagable hagravens in the base game?

I'm just wondering what, if any, mods there are that alter the quest: A Night To Remember I've always felt it a bit odd that the NPCs in Morvunskar are hostile. Or that you can't marry Moira. Its heavily hinted that Morvunskar is the place where the "wine flows like water" You'd think they'd be elated to see the DB come back.


Its a not so simple mod request, but perhaps there could be a few quest triggers/tweeks. Such as; When you go to the bride to be, Moira, to retrieve the ring, you can actually choose to follow through with the "consummation of love" choosing to follow through would trigger the Maramal wedding ceremony.


The bed in the shack would then be the second trigger for the wedding quest (making you wait 24 hours)


The location for this particular wedding being Morvunskar of course, you then bring Moira to Morvunskar, doing so would make the NPCs within friendly towards the Player.


Once inside, the poor bastard Maramal is waiting at the top of the stairs where the portal opens, to wed the Player and Moira, as he would at the temple of Mara, finishing the Wedding Ceremony. With the NPCs within (and whoever else decides to show up) as the witnesses. (I once had a troll show up at a wedding, not sure how that happened)


After the usual wedding ceremony, the Player then owns Witchmist Grove, and can choose to send Moira back there or have her live in Breezehome or wherever your house happens to be. After all wedding dialogue is used up, the portal to Misty Grove opens and the quest finishes as per usual but with the NPCs in Morvunskar then remaining neutral/friendly to the DB.


You then return to Ysolda with 2k gold to tie up the loose ends.


If you decide to kill Moira for the ring, or just take it and leave to Morvunskar, the NPCs in Morvunskar will then be hostile as per usual with no changes made. (You just killed the bride to be, even some Daedra worshipers have standards)




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