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Cannot sign in on Oculus Quest 2 (Cloudflare)


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Ive tried a couple of times and never experienced this issue until now and I dont have a proper way to report it so here is the best case I can I guess but when I go to log in it takes me to checking to see if your connection is safe page and then never loads. Its a forever loading screen that keeps showing up. Any way to fix it? Mods? Hello? I love using nexus for mods on my quest 2 and I dont wanna not be able to anymore.


When attempting to access users.nexusmods.com from a Meta Quest 2 device, all users are being blocked.

Steps to reproduce
  • Open the browser in a Meta Quest 2
  • Attempt to load users.nexusmods.com
  • See the error

Expected Behaviour

Users can browser the website from a Meta Quest 2

Actual result

Cloudflare blocks access to this section of the website


Log in on a PC and transfer mods to your Quest 2 via USB cable.

Other Information


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I have updated your report with more details, this is a known issue.


It's beyond our control to fix, but we have submitted all the data to Cloudflare and requested they fix it. If the fix is accepted this will enable browsing not just on our website but on all sites protected by CloudFlare.

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