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Part 1: the ability to restore clothes to corpses.

Part 2: removability of underwear as an item, likewise restorability

Part 3: a setting for NSFW content to toggle between genitalia visible or not, which would swap between two skins that are identical except for one having and one without. These be variants of all skins.

Part 4: animal genitalia - just to make it more realistic, may have its own toggle setting too

Part 5: physically carry creature corpses instead of telekinesis, toggle setting

Part 6: toggle settings for a lot of other animations that make it more realistic, such as looting, declothing, reclothing, skinning/harvesting, etc.

Part 7: skill chart expansion - along with main screen that is normal, you can swap to filtered screens that have a basis and show perks related to that basis, less expansion more filters for ease of finding perks.

Part 8: more undergarments, in case this mod is not viable with other mods, especially since the expanded animations

Part 9: Survival Settings - P1 eat and drink, P2 sleep requirements, P3 bathroom brakes dependent on food and drink, P4 cleanliness such as bathing and showering at least once a week to avoid illness or gain resistance to some environmental factors

Part 10: relationships

Part 11: Other NSFW content people like, in this animation heavy bundle of realisticness no other mods seem to have, sure they have content but it's the realisticness that I'm looking for

Part 12: mating, birthing and hatching, and lactation - mostly for animals, such as to make a farm, but others may want nsfw stuff as well which would be

Part 13: nsfw versions of part 12 for they who want it (humans, ghouls, etc)

Part 14+: anything else to expand realisticness and animation heavy content


Settings Toggles to make it pretty universal so people can toggle what they want and leave off or turn off what they don't want

Personally, I'm not really gonna use the NSFW, except maybe the under-the-underwear because realisticness. And if you consider animal genitalia nsfw as well, then that too.

Groping and sex I won't use, but others might. Let them have it.

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Immersive could be another word to describe it.

Another Part: Immersive First Person

More Parts:

-- dragging bodies around

-- skinning and filleting animals and fish (if fish exists)

-- better building, allowing those side panels to be built properly instead of jankily

-- expansion: second mod that fits with this main one: cells, containments, and torture/captivity/execution devices like stocades, guillotines, and noose platforms, electric chairs, cages of all assortment of shapes and sizes, etc

--first 3 I'd use, 4th mostly as decorative

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How would each critter's anatomy be?

Radstag are normal but two-headed, yes? Or do they have double legs as well?

I literally just played and already forgot. Wonderful.

For now, assuming normal, so anatomy and mating would be like normal deer, except they have two heads.



Double headed cows.









Replilian, cloaca and relatively unknown gender differentiation without autopsy or witnessing mating

Possibly similar to Anole lizards where males have two large scales at the base of their tail (near rump)


Other critters later

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