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[SSE] Vampire Cattle in castle Volkihar


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Hi! I would like to request if it would be possible to make the NPC vampire cattle in castle Volkihar respawnable, i use vampire mods wich i can drain people to kill them, doing so makes me stronger, but i drained the vampire cattles and they don`t respawn, so i got some empty cells on the castle and the emptiness is bothering me, i don`t want it to exploit or anything, just for roleplaying and asthetics, if they would respawn every 1 week, like 5 in each cell, would be great, the thrall place wouldn`t be empty and i would be able to feed and kill them without having to worry about never being able to feed on them ever again.

I tried to do it myself on CK but i`m too dumb for this and couldn`t find any mod to help me with that.

If you are able to help me, i`m really grateful and even if you wasn`t able to do it, but at least tried, i`m grateful too for spending your time on that!

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