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Looking for Voice Actors for Factions Reloaded - Legion


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Hey all,


I have a relatively popular Legion mod with some simple quests called Factions Reloaded - Legion. Id like to update this mod to be voiced - would anyone be willing to voice legion characters? Id be happy to flesh out their conversation options as well and give them more backstory. I plan on expanding the currently simple quests to be more interesting, but it remains to be seen if this will also result in more dialogue.


Currently there is Quintus Fulvius at Cottonwood Cove who gives the courier two quests - one to kill a band of raiders and one to clear a camp of deathclaws with legion help. He believes the Legion is the best path for the Mojave but isnt as brutal or cruel as many of his peers.


Alternatively, there is Aulius Gabinius at the new Legion camp Beta. He is a ruthless, more loyal centurion who has a bit more of an evil side to him. He gives the player a quest to kill a large number of desert rangers who defected and refused to join the NCR.


Lastly there is Marcus Tiberius at Legion camp Gamma. He is a middle ground between the two and has hunting quests where the player can kill Legion deserters and prove their loyalty as well as wiping out a band of ghoul mercenaries around camp searchlight.


Please let me know if any of this interests you!


Link to mod:



Note to mods/admins: i attempted to reply to the voice acting thread in mod talk and didnt get any responses. If I need to move this thread elsewhere or delete it please let me know and I will happily do so!

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If this is still available id love to do it! I'm a big fan of FNV and I'm currently a Senior BFA Acting Major at WVU so I am trained. I also have the required equipment such as a Rode N1 Mic as well as sound proofing and adobe audition. If you need help with this still just shoot me an email at [email protected] or friend me on discord (smugnoot).

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If you're still needing some help, feel free to send me some Response and Prompt lines. I can send you takes and see what you think?

I'm just getting into modding and have learned a lot, but i still need help staging and scripting quests. I haven't had loads of time to work on it. Maybe you can help me get the hang of it if i can help you get some VO. lol? Perchance?

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