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Can’t find a mod I once had


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I at one time downloaded a mod titled simply Hearthfire patch. It stopped the cells of your houses from resetting. Now I can no longer find it. I checked my mod download history and it’s not in there either.

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I think I remember a mod that advertised similar behavior, but tbh, I don't recall a name. (just validating your memory). It likely got pulled by the author for whatever reason, or you're possibly associating it with Hearthfire but its named soimething else.


Having said that., after doing a shallow dive looking m'sef (curious) via widenet and at nexus, I wasn't able to find a specific mod for preventing the reset of interior spaces (ostensibly player homes), but I did find this tidbit on Reddit, a response to the same basic question:



Take ownership of a cell:

setcellownership [Cell FormID]
Disable the cell's Encounter Zone:
SetZoneRespawns <ECZN FormID for the cell> 0
Turn on the No Respawn Encounter Zone:
SetZoneRespawns F90B1 1
PS> pleas don't ask what EZCN Form ID is, because I get cross-eyed with IDs, and also, I'm not sure that last hex word F90B1 is universally valid or not
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No, it’s definitely for Hearthfire. As I said, the name of the patch was Hearthfire patch. I love that patch because I didn’t have to worry about extended stays away from home and coming back and finding my house completely reset to the way it was after I got done working on it.

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