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The Witcher 3 Modding Guide for Steam Deck (Linux)


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Hi everyone, I'll try to guide you through how you can install The Witcher 3 mods on your Steam Deck. It's actually pretty simple, enter desktop mode and let's get started.


Set up Q4Wine
  • Q4Wine is a Qt GUI for Wine. It will allow you to run Windows executables with ease. You can install it from Discover app.

  • We will now create a new wine prefix for The Witcher 3. Launch Q4Wine, navigate to "Prefixes" tab and press "Add New Prefix" icon. No need to change any advanced settings, just give it a name and change its path if you like.

Allow Q4Wine to access the game directory
  • Install Flatseal from Discover, we will use it to give Q4Wine permission to access all user files. Open Flatseal, select q4wine, turn on "All system files" option under "Filesystem" section.

  • Open Q4Wine, select "system" under the prefix you created, then run "winecfg". Under "Drives" tab, check "Show dot files" option and save.

  • Restart Q4Wine, run "explorer" under your prefix to see if you're able to access steam folder: "/home/deck/.steam"

Inside Q4Wine explorer, based on your installation, your game directory should appear in;

  • Internal storage: "Z:/home/deck/.steam/steam/steamapps/common"

  • SD card: "E:/steamapps/common"

You will use this path when prompted to enter game directory by Mod Manager and Script Merger.


Point the game's user data to your local


This step is crucial because Mod Manager and Script Merger will try to find your "The Witcher 3" user data directory inside "Home/Documents".

  • First locate your "Documents/The Witcher 3" directory, it should be in "Home/.steam/steamapps/compatdata/292030/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Documents". Make sure you have enabled hidden files in Dolphin settings.

  • Copy the contents of "steamuser/Documents" to "Home/Documents" and delete the documents directory inside "steamuser".

  • Drag and drop "Home/Documents" inside "steamuser", choose "Link Here" option. This will create a symbolic link inside "steamuser" that points to your "Documents". This way, the game, mod manager and script merger will all use the same directory as user data.

You're ready to go! Just download Mod Manager & Script Merger and start installing your mods


  • You can run .exe files by launching them with Q4Wine, don't forget to set the prefix to the one you created.
  • If you want to create shortcuts for the executables, launch Q4Wine, click on the prefix name on the left, drag and drop the executable to the empty space on the right.


Recommended mod for replacing Steam Controller input hints with Xbox hints


Steam normally forces Steam Controller icons on the game UI for the deck, you can replace them with Xbox or PlayStation icons using this mod.


Huge shoutout to CryoByte33!


Use CryoUtilities to increase game performance. See

to understand how it works. Edited by RasitAyaz
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Posted (edited)
On 2/13/2024 at 9:51 AM, dphans said:

Can you provide absolute path of "Home/Documents", the path "/home/Documents" is correct, isn't it?

you probably figured it out by yourself a month ago but it should be /home/deck/Documents

Edited by RasitAyaz
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