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Pretty Sarah Quest

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Pretty Sarah Rehab Quest

I have so many quest ideas but I've decided to keep it to this one for now and just flesh it out.


This would be a multi part quest.

  • To start quest:

1. You have to kill cook-cook and tell pretty Sarah about it

2. You have to have an ok relationship with the followers

3. You have to have been to the clinic.

  • Go talk to Dr. Usanagi about treatment for Pretty Sarah

You'd have options for this one:

1. [sPEECH] You can go visit Usanagi and tell her you have a friend who's a burn victim and somehow charm her into doing the plastic surgery for free (insane speech check or idolized by followers)

2. [CAPS] You can agree to pay Dr. Usanagi, but this will impact the next part of the quest. (you don't pay her yet)

2b. [bARTER] You can barter for a lower price here also.

3. [REPAIR/SCIENCE] You can repair/upgrade an auto-doc for the clinic (i think there was one there) using some sort of absurdly high repair check and/or another set of parts


  • Once Dr. Usanagi agrees to do the procedure, you go back to Pretty Sarah and tell her about the arrangements you've made

1. If you paid money for the service, she's going to be upset and insist on paying.

- [bARTER] For high enough barter you can help her come up with that money and accept her payment.

- [sPEECH] You can also pass a speech check to convince her to accept the freebie. Otherwise, you have to come back later.

2. If you charmed Usanagi into doing it for free, Pretty Sarah will be impressed by you and agree to come along. Maybe she makes a comment about the generosity of strangers.

3. If you chose the auto-doc route she'll be wary of it at first. You can:

- [bARTER] Tell her that this is the only way she'll be able to afford it

- [sPEECH] Tell her that because you fixed it, other people will be able to access this service for cheaper

- [MEDICINE/SCIENCE] You can tell her that auto-docs are very safe and that when it comes to plastic surgery, a machine is a very safe bet

The quest gains you reputation in westside. Maybe it also gives you access to plastic surgery in the clinic if you repaired the auto-doc.

If you actually by some miracle decide to do this quest please please lmk!! I can write pretty well and I could almost make this myself except it would be broken forever. I make crappy CC for sims 4 so i have some blender and texturing experience.
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Quests with vanilla characters added in are difficult because you have to find audio that matches what you're trying to do from the current game files. Luckily, Pretty Sarah uses a pretty common voice, the actress that plays her does dozens of characters. Still, it would probably involve lots of chopping and screwing current audio. Would you be willing to assist in this?


Westside also doesn't currently have a reputation system. If you add this, there would probably need to be a handful of other lesser actions/mini quests that impacted this, rather than just the one make or break quest.


Other than that, it all sounds pretty simple.

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Hm, westside reputation isn't really necessary I guess. I'd be down to do some audio f*#@ery for sure, sounds fun at least. It'll be cool in the future to see how AI makes that kind of voice matching easier, but for now that sounds doable, I could keep the voice lines to a minimum
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If you do a bit of recon to see what audio is available to you and if you think you could mash some stuff together, I'd be happy to help you with the geck processes. Shoot me a DM and we can discuss

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