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[LE] Custom mesh doesnt appear in game but works fine in nifSkope


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So i made a custom mesh that works fine in nifskope but doesnt appear in game,whats strange is that it shows in the inventory but it doesnt have a texture, im dont know what should i do to fix this cuz this is my first time in making skyrim armor mods


here are the files:

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Right off the bat I see a few things wrong with it.

In the package you have a Meshes and Texture folder. What you need is a TextureS folder, not texture. You should also create a sub-folder for your textures, same as the mesh.

Like this;

..Meshes/armor/Subzero/ your mesh here
..Textures/armor/Subzero/ all your textures here

Now for some cleanup in NifSkope. In the BSShaderTextureSet block, the textures need to be directed to the textures in the format above in order for the game to see them. It also needs to be a dynamic link, not a static link like you have.

So the first texture should be "textures/armor/Subzero/sub_gear_a_017_d.dds"
and the second texture should be "textures/armor/Subzero/sub_gear_a_017_n.dds"
(without the quotes, obviously)

The game does not use a _ao texture so just erase that 3rd texture you have there.

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so the texture works thanks to you but now but it doesnt show up when i equiped it, and when i dropped it its just floats like it doesnt have any physics



also im so dumb posting SkyrimSE mod problems in Oldrim lmaoo

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