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Need help with Custom mesh


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So i made a custom mask mod but somehow it doesnt shows up when i equip it and when i dropped it it just floats in the air like it doesnt have any physics at all, the models are already weight painted so idk whats wrong,maybe theres something i have to do in nifskope but im not sure what it is





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1. The .nif generally should have 'Scene Root' as its top name. But I think that is optional.

2. You bone weights are wrong. It should be fully weighted to the head. As you painted it, the mask would follow the head only half-way.

3. The partition is wrong. Most common partition for a mask is 55. Easiest way to handle it is via OutfitStudio.

4. The mesh that is for inventory display and when dropped on ground has to be a different mesh file. NOT skinned, its root must be a BSFadeNode, and it needs to contain BSK flags, INV marker and a Collision object (easiest to copy from another ground mesh of comparable size)

5. In the .esp, you need to create an 'ArnorAddon' form, and set it to use the skinned mesh, set to same partition as the .nif.


Here is the working version.

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