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So when I was signing up some nimrod had my name. I have been ShinGamix for decades so this poser isn't me.


So hi.

I am The one the Only The OG ...Shingamix.


Huge Stardew Valley Fan and I came for the SVE ..Stardew Valley Extended and found 900+ mods. I have never installed mods before so should I copy my original game and modify a new one in a separate folder to preserve my original game?? and the SMAPI do I run it in the game folder to open the mod folder or just run it from just my download folder??? I havent felt like a noob in years anywhere..lol


but I dl SVE and thinking about Ridgeside Village and some grabber, automations, and more.


Things I would like to see or find:

1. I want more Dogs, Cats, and Pets! Maybe the dog could have events when you run out of energy or lost in the woods or snow..lassie who's in the well??


2. Can the kids grow up?? This would be a huge addition to the game?? Maybe add a school? Off to college?


3. Police and court system?? Your just barging in people's houses and taking things after all. Giving Beer to minors, trespassing...lol


4. Why can't we buy willy a house too?


5. and Why not a horse ranch??


I have more ideas but that's for later

and I want to learn how to make mods too.





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Signing in to an old account is one thing, signing in to a new one and finding someone using your username that's completely different. I find many variations of my username at sites I visited and I have been using it since back when I Deleted my account once. Now it says my account was Started by Deleted54170User, 23 Aug 2014.

The things we discover about what goes on, on the Internet is just...



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