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The Worn Legacy


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“I don’t know, maybe a ritual circle? Maybe a central meeting area or something” Luca looked closer to the pillar. She spied a slit in the rock and it was wide enough for her hand. Without thinking she just stuck her hand in. She let out an oh! and she felt a button click inside the rock. “What happened?” Yorgan looked to her, surprised she did that. Another click could be heard under the earth. “I wonder if the others..” She looked at him and then went to another pillar. “What’d it do?”

Yes, there was a slit and she did like the other. Yorgan frowned at her and looked at the pillar again. Luca ran over to the two other pillars and pressed the buttons. After she pressed the last button a deep crash was heard and then the ground rumbled. Yorgan nodded in understanding, “Ohhhh.”


Each scrambled to get out the way as the earth parted in four directions. The boar heads had clicked into the ground and a hole remained where that circle was last. Saying Luca was quite surprised was an understatement. She was mesmerized by it.

“Yorgan, WOW, look. This is amazing!” “Haha yes it’s quite interesting, I didn’t expect us to find any contraptions” He looked into the hole and saw stairs, going down into darkness. “I, no, we just discovered the secret of these ruins! I’m sure we will be recognized at the historic department for this!” She was elated to have actually for once found something that could well be monumental. “So is this going to give you your credit as a historian now hmm?” He looked at her with a grin. “Yes! Oh my this is wonderful. Well, we just have to go in you know!”


“Oh naturally, of course.” He nodded and pulled out Remming. “Allow me to go first, miss” he said so in a mock flattering and highborn voice that made Luca giggle a bit. “Alright, if you so choose my good sir” She said back. It looked so old, both couldn’t believe it hadn't been found earlier. Surely an explorer would have stumbled upon this discovery? Maybe it had been left uncovered for a particular reason. At any rate they were going to find out, it was not exactly what Luca had been hoping for, and definitely what Yorgan dreaded.

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