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[HELP] How to detect a pattern present x times in hex editor ?


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I would like to tweak my save of my game using a hex editor because it's softlocked now & I don't want to start over.

A bit of context first :

  • The game in question is Legend of Kay Anniversary
  • In this game, the player has a inventory of 5 items
  • I need to tweak the save as a important item (bomb) aren't present in store due to a game bug
  • I would like to replace the fourth & fifth items by bombs
  • User safe is stored within a SVDAT00.BIN file



Thus I created several saves to get input on the structure itself :



  • The "x object(s).BIN" saves were done on the softlocked save where I drop each time a single item (to know the location of each item in the BIN file)
  • The "5 objects - all bombs.BIN" was done on a fresh start where I put 5 times the bomb object

Please find them in attached zip file :

I am not against some help in my quest as I am a bit lost.



Thanks in advance,

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