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[SSE] Proteus + ExperiencE?


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So this may be a long shot BUT, I think it would be great. I like to be able to use Proteus to make my own raiding party, being able to switch between them. The issue is they don't level up. So if i play my mage for a few days, my warrior falls behind. Any new gear I want to give them I put it in the shared inventory so I can equip it next time I play that character. ExperiencE grants experience from doing things and this applies toward PC level. But what if ExperiencE could identify active followers that are part of Proteus.esp. I used NFF to check and it does recognize these followers created by Proteus and are from Proteus.esp. So how about instead of granting me 100% of the experience, say I have 2 other followers, it splits it up between us. granting me 1/3rd the xp but then giving the followers an xp token and when I switch characters to one of the followers, ExperienE will grant xp to the new PC equal to the amount of these experience tokens it has consuming them in the process. If the experience that's given is trivia or less than the number of active followers, we all get the same amount. Thing is, NFF can possibly help this process and I think proteus already requires NFF. So it's a slam dunk. At least to my peanut brain.

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