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Newb that is in desperate need of assistance


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Hi I'm Swiitch, and I've been away from the PC world for more than a decade. What knowledge I had I've basically forgotten. I went the console route for many years but have decided that PC is better simply for; mods. I do not intend to exploit them such as online, most of the games I play, I choose to play solo.


When I did game on PC as a teen, the extend of my modding "skills" was limited to bonus stuff for The Sims which was pretty straight forward, and turns out, still is, because of the 5 games I have for PC, The Sims 4 is the only one I seem to be able to get mods working on. Games like GTA V, I'm kinda clueless, I've gotten as far as downloading OpenIV for the vehicle spawner. When I couldn't get this to work, I switched to The Sims 4 which I was able to get basic items and build mode objects going. I then tried the game Stranded Deep and tried a basic mod that gives the player access to a map by pressing F11. So. I restart the game after Vortex installs it, shows as Enabled and yet when I'm in game, pressing F11 does nothing. And getting the same with a simple game like Stardew Valley.


I've checked:


C:/Program Files (x86)/steam/steamapps/common/ - then into the individual game folder, each is showing the Mods folder created by Vortex. I'm checking to make sure that I manually download the latest version of the mod. Some games, like Stardew Valley, need additional programs like SMAPI to work and as far as I can tell, I do. I'm not totally PC-illiterate, but apparently this needs to be explained to me like I was 4 years old >_<


Any help is welcomed and appreciated!! Also, I do work full-time, my gaming time is limited to evenings and weekends but I will try to be active as possible here.

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If you have a specific question with Vortex you might want to post (if you have not already) in the Vortex area of the forums. The people who can help you will be far more likely to see your issues there for any games supported with Vortex.

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