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I request some Cold War/retro sci-fi pills


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Greetings Nexus Starfield community,


As a Cold War and retro sci-fi vibes enjoyer, there are the things I would like to see the most asap in my game:


I. Cold War weapons as individual or packed mods:

That would be nice to have a kind of helmet looking alike the iconic Soviet GSH-6 too!


II. Some Aliens stuff because it would clearly have a place in Starfield:

III. Then a few things to build in your settlement:

What do you think about those suggestions? And would you like to see some Cold Wars-ish or retro stuff in Starfield?


See you space cowboys!

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Looks like something leaked (spoiler alert):

AK-47 and even VSS rifle with PSO scopes are confirmed to be ingame. So f*cking based.

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