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[SSE] Birth and Labor Animations.


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Requesting a birth/labor animation mod for Nexus and Vortex compatibility.


Fertility Mode has been under utilized in recent years and has a lot of key and potential features missing from it.

It needs a new update and needs some added features such as breast feeding, nurturing the baby, lullabies/singing, playing and carrying, etc.


The current animation for the character when they go into labor is awful.

The character is in the surrender/cower position. It needs to be more realistic with player on the ground make pain noises, experiencing blood/health loss and other sounds.


Being Female mod did this part properly so maybe someone brings over the mods/animations. I'm really hoping someone can help with this and make it happen.

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Should it also last for game days and sometimes (actually, based on the time period, frequently) result in the player and or child dying too? (for immersion value I guess)


Would you want still births later on for your immersive experience? Perhaps Haptic feedback as well?


Honestly, and with all due respect, I think you're on the wrong minded track.

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