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[REQ]Clean TTW 332 save of ending the DC


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EDIT: Fine, I do it myself.

I need a clean TTW332 save because I was planning to do a Rebuild the Capital run (for a compat patch), which strictly end-game state. But my current save is run with plenty of quest mods, locations mods, so I fear some data is baked in, and could lead to strange state.


I was hoping someone has a clean TTW332 save that at end stage. Ideally around the blowing up Mobile Base, but it's ahead of that a bit is fine..


Also ideally it only has TTW content and no quest mod, location mod, extra spawns mod.


So I was sitting here begging for a samaritan soul~ Either you upload here, or upload a separate mod on Nexus fine~

EDIT: the temptation to add mods is great indeed. I tried to do a speed run from start and man but I really cant help but adding some mods in, like body replacers or minor mods fixing here and there. THE TEMPTATION IS REAL!!!!

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