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Is there any way of changing/adding new effects for the weapon mods? In any weapon in the game there's a tab called weapon mods (duh) where you can add up to 3 mods for each one. The effect that these mods apply to the weapon are selected in that same tab and not attach to the item mod itself. So of course I asked myself where the hell does the effect come from. I've been looking for information about this but nothing tells me where I can't see the formula, script or whatever it is that makes them work.


Am I dumb or it's just not an option at the moment? Would be neat if you could add more weapon mod effects to the game, giving more options for new weapons added via mods.

Can this be done? Is it posible? Or it's just a dellusional dream of mine?

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So basically this answer my question. At the moment it's at engine level, so unless someone makes functions or scripts for this it's not posible at the time of writing this. Thanks for the tip tho, I'll see if I can find more about the whole thing.

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