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How to use Eyes of Beauty assets without it becoming a requirement.


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So, I am making a character overhaul mod, and every time I add eyes from Eyes of Beauty it becomes a requirement.

I have even put the textures needed into my mods texture folder and even still... it's a requirement.


I fully intend to credit the original mod author... so no worries there


I also have manually installed the Eyes of Beauty from LE and am using those textures in my texture folder.

But I have the Mod Manager Eyes of Beauty SE loaded as master in CK. I already tried putting the SE textures in the texture folder so I thought maybe the LE ones would work.


The steps I took:


1. added the eyes to my character in showracemenu

2. exported head and did "SPF (anonymousNPC)" in console

3. Opened creation kit and imported anonymousNPC.npc file to the actor I was working on

4. changed the hair and eyes of the actor to Ks hairdos and Eyes of Beauty (both of which I flagged as ESM's and loaded as masters)

5. CTRL F4 the actors face gen data and did some gimp stuff to replace them with racemenu export

6. added the textures of the hair and eyes (and other stuff) in a folder in my mods texture folder


The hair is not a requirement and yet the eyes are... any help is appreciated!



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Eyes as a HeadPart form will usually make use of a TextureSet form.


But Eyes of Beauty generally uses vanilla eye mesh/tri.

Here is what I recommend:

1. Find the eyes that you like, note which TextureSet it uses.

2. Find that TextureSet, note the textures it contains.

3. Copy those textures to be under your mod folder.

4. In CK, set the actor to have some vanilla eyes. (Not Eyes of Beauty)

5. Ctrl+F4 to export.

6. Find the exported head .nif file, open in NifScope

7. In the eyes mesh BSLightingShaderProperty, edit the textures to be the textures you copied in step 3.

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