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The idea is to use the life cycle of Xenomorphs to create a "scorched earth" attrition clock for the player to fight against. Yautja and AVP ideas are excluded from this mod to focus on detailed xenomorph addition, but I don't see why Yautja race wouldn't eventually be added later-on or in separate race mod.


Core Mod Idea:


- Utilized the procgen and size of Starfields planet generation to simulate a planet-to-planet infestation of xenomorphs. A planet can become infested, cleansed, or reinfested if proper quarantine is not handled.(Only non-critical planets to the story to avoid large scope of game breaking issues)

- Utilize the outpost system to attempt to keep planets free of infestation by increasing anti-xenomorph presence on the planet.

- Utilize the wildlife system to develop unique xenomorph types based on Starfield's wildlife.


- Develop an agent based/finite state AI for xenomorphs in which they simply desire to populate (can have a pheremone link to a unique queen and if the link is lost they can become a queen themselves), the infestation is simulated by chance as a ship travels from an infested planet to an uninfested planet(did a xeno stowaway some how/ infect someone)

- Possible Hive vs. Hive Conflict




Content Additions:





-Maybe Space Jockies

-Misc. Colonies


Can get a lot of money for bringing a live specimen to Weyu or you can get a lot of support from USMC by waging all out war on the infestation.



- Mod triggers from a "hadley's hope" style distress beacon.

- Decision tree's for USMC or Weyland-Yutani story progression

- Can completely wipe out all Xeno's on the map or lose the outer systems.


Models, SFX, Anim:


-All lifestyle of xenomorph

-USMC armory/tech/ships

-Weyland Yutani armory/tech/ships




-AI have a predefined loop that conditionally changes based on their senses/needs


-Xenomorphs are trying to infest, consume resources, capture victims.

-USMC are hunting down xenomorphs, placing quarantines, exterminating.

-Weyland Yutani are scouting xenomorphs, trying to break through quarantines, do research and development for profit.




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