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Introducing Racius... My War Magus Char


Race: Dunmer

Age: Several hundred years, Specifics unknown

Bio: Grew up in a small Ashlander tribe becoming one of thier best huntsmen, The tribe followed the herds of Guar moving across the ashlands, untill it was wiped out be Clan Aundae, Leaving The young, Wounded Racius, thier most powerfull warrior, as an example to the world of clan Aundae's power.


Shortly after, Racius became his now most hated thing: A Vampire, of the magically inclined kind... Over the period of roughly four hundred years, He survived on the one creature he know how to track: The Guar, Feeding on the blood of these large beasts, never giving in to the urge for the blood of any Mer race, Human or Orc...


In his years of surviving, Racius became adept to his newly aquired magickal skills, and managed to gain the trust of various Mages Guild and Telvanni councillers, soon to become a high ranking power in both factions...


Years later, Thru years of hard work and dedication, he finally "Obtained" the cure from a follower of Molag Bal, and now walks the island of Morrowind hunting the vampiric clan that destroyed the only people he ever loved...


Temperament: Shows major hostility towards vampires, But tolerates them to a point, (as long as thier not Aundae) since he understands thier predicament. Tends to be a slightly steriotypical aristocratic mage at first glance, But holds the respects and honour of an ashlander tribesman.

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Introducing raziel






age:somewere around 2000



weapon of choise:soulreaver




personality: once a priest he was killed and turned into a vampire. after a centuary he serpassed his master and was killed for his trangresion. two centuarys later he was brought back to life as the reaver of souls.





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Name: Two-Toes


Race: Argonian


Class: Bard


Two-Toes is an Argonian bard recently arrived in morrowind, he carries a lute slung across his back and he hums a tune as he walks through the door and takes a seat near the counter. His oversized ears are pierced with what appear to be silver rings, one with some strange markings that are hard to make out, also a small horn sticks out from his snout. His brown eyes dart back and forth across the room. He has a small skooma addiction and he carries a pouch of moonsugar at his belt. He takes out a small rolled leaf and places it between his lips. He strums the strings of the lute quietly and asks if anyone has a candle or torch to light the rolled leaf with?

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A shadowy, unusually tall Imperial steps out of a corner and buys a drink. His hand is on his sword, slightly unsheathing it.


Introducing: Titanius Iglesias

Race: Imperial

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Height: 6' 7"

Class: Warlock (sorta like Battlemage)

Likes: Roasting mudcrabs alive.

Dislikes: Talking mudcrabs.

Weapons of choice: Enchanted glass longsword/long bow.

Armor: Badly dented set of chitin armor.


Titanius Iglesias was an orphan raised on a rich slave-owner's farm in Morrowind. Sympathizing with the slaves, he often snukc them drinks, extra food, and a bit of money. In return for saving a slave's life, he was taught archery and fencing by a Redguard slave. His first real fight was his killing the slave-owner by slicing his throat with a dagger, and selling the farm for his weapons. He prefers spell casting, a natural talent to him, but enjoys archery and brawling with his longsword.


He observes a few of the patrons, especially Amnakiru leaving, and disappointedly sheathes his sword. He looks at the satchel in her chair, muttering to himself.

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Not that anyone is gonna read this, but I might as well introduce a character... more gold, right?



Age:1145 (that's young ppl)



Weapon:Poisonsword (daedric katana poison 23-40 for 15 secs)

attitude:shutup or ill kill you

likes:killing people who don't shutup :ph34r:

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Name: Ragnor Stormcloud

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Height: 6' 9"

Weight: 240 lbs.

Race: Nord

Class: Good old-fashioned warrior

Weapon: Steel Claymore

Armor: Steel Chainmail with a Steel Breastplate, Greaves, and Boots


Ragnor Stormcloud grew up in the harsh frozen mountains of Skyrim. At the age of 7 he was attacked by a cougar. He was with his father at the time, Brindor Stormcloud. His father managed to kill the cougar, but not before it had made a deep gouge across Ragnor's face. Ragnor was survived the encounter, but he had to forever live with four scar lines across his face.

When he was about 11, his father died of a battle wound from protecting the village from another village's attack. His mother died shortly after that from unknown causes. At least that's what the villagers told him.

He was taken in by a friend of his father's who taught him how to fight. He trained for 8 years, and at the age of 17, challenged the chief of the tribe for leadership.

He won the battle after 3 hours of fighting bare-handed. He was bloodied and bruised all over, but had no serious wounds. For besting the chief in combat, he was awarded a giant steel claymore that symbolizes leadership in their tribe.

After 7 years of ruling over the tribe, someone challenged him for leadership of the tribe. He lost the battle and was banished from the tribe. After a year of wandering around, he finally reached Vvardenfell, where he planned to make his future.

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Name: Exile

Sex: Male

Race: Orc

Class: Knight

Armor: Full Gah-Julan Bonemold with a Redoran Masters' Helm and Banner Shield

Weapon: A Stahlrim War Axe



Born ion the Wrothgarian Mountain and raised in the time of the horde, Exile made his living as a fire-breather, setting the taverns of Daggerfall towns abaze and entertaining fellow warriors by torturing captured Bretons. When he had earned enough money to leave to the East, he set his eyes away from alchemy tricks and toward the Knight's trade. He joined a group of Dunmer witchhunters and accompanied them throughout their travels through Vvardenfell and Dres Morrowind, slaughtering Daedra worshippers and necromancers for years so that he may have enough money to learn his trade from seedy taverns across the province. Soon after learning everything that the drunk mercenaries could tell him, he joined House Redoran and started to gain interest in the Cult of Malacath. He was inevitably caught summoning the Daedroth, and was cast out of the group of witchhunters. His reputation as a Daedra worshipper spread, and the name "Exile" stuck. Over the years, he's made it into a somewhat honorable alias, but still only finds trust among fellow Orcs and members of House Redoran.

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Name: Ardon Bearfoot

Sex: Male

Race: Wood Elf

Class: Scout

Armour: Leather

Weapon: An Elven Longbow and Longsword


Ardon Bearfoot was born and raised in an elven village of a distant continent. His skill with the bow and sword were exceptional from a young age, and as he grew so did his confidence. He served as a warrior for his tribe for many hundred years before he set off with a company of elves from his village to go to the aide of the Elves of the Woods of Ter'here, where an alliance of elves fought a great battle with a powerful necromancer. The battle raged for years, and finally in the Swamps of Khur'Drannon his company fell. Ardon however, did not pass, but was struck unconscious by a vicious blow from behind. As he fell into the swamp he recieved a mouthful of the fabled water that has the power to erase all memory.


When Ardon came to he was alone, the battle had passed into the distance. Ardon knew not who he was, where he was, nor why he was there. All he had to cling to was the ensignia on his cuirass and the name etched beneath it. Now he travels the world, seeking any knowledge of his past.

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