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Hmm. Interesting. Powerful Daedra treated with hostility. Locals appear to be powerful. *Takes notes, and readies a messenger scroll he has hidden in a pocket to see how they react to a scamp.*

don't forget that im a wolf! :P and i really like to kill things... :lol:



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Introducing Garret:



Pronounced: Gare-et


Age: 31

Sex: Male

Race: Human


Weapon of Preference: Staff/Dagger


Fighting Tactics: Sneaky and fast,Garret is the stealthy fighter.He will stand in wait and prepare for an attack before it comes to him.


Attitude: Kind and hearty,Garret will never steal from someone who doesn't deserve is.




A man with brown hair and green eyes bursts in the door laughing heartily,and patting the stable-boy on the back.He had the look of a travelling scholar of great wealth.He place a handful of gold in the stable-boy's pouch and fed it back to him.After that,he made his way to the bar and said in a deep and hearty voice,"What's the finest you have? Money is not an option!"He followed up with a re-assuring jingle of his pockets"

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Introducing Morakith





Age:150(fairly young)

Race:Dark Elf


Weapon fo choice:Frostbane


Personality:fairly tough to be friends with seperated from his mother and father at birth. Dont mess with him he has a bloody good katana 100 fire damage cast when strikes mean any thing. Always loves a good brawl.

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