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Name: Amnakiru

Sex: Female

Race: Dark Elf

Height: 5' 10"


Appearance: http://www.geocities.com/blacksunind


A dark figure enters the tavern, her body covered by a black cloak dripping wet from a storm that passed by not too long ago. Looking up she glances around the tavern, the candle flickers dance across her face; scanning the tavern she calmy walks over to a quiet corner and motions the bartender over. He leans his ear over to her mouth as she says something and he walks away. Soon he returns with a bottle of vintage brandy and a fine glass. Not something you'd expect to see in a place like this. She pours a glass and begins to sip. Soon she takes off her cloak revealing the armor beneath, and a shimmering sword at one side, with a menacing daedric dagger at the other. Beside her she sets down a bow that was concealed in her cloak. Ringing the water in her cloak out on the floor she tosses it to the chair across from her and sips on her brandy while she glances across the crowd. You notice at several times her eyes are fixated on you.

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"now now (directing her attention to Thomas) there's no need for that; besides, if i came to kill it would have already been done and i would be in the next town before the guards could figure out what's going on; but that is not why i'm here....i have a business proposition....mainly for you (looking at Sierrah) but since you are here i might as well extend the offer in your direction."


she offers her hand out in a gesture indicating she would like you sit down, "please sit, have a drink on me. let me get that out of your way." she slowly rises and walks around the table, picks up her cloak and folds it over her forearms.


"what i have to offer is something that i think would suit traveled adventurer's as yourself quite nicely, though it might pose as a bit of a challenge, i'm confident that anyone willing to walk into a place such as this must be confident in their abilities."


"i need a group of about 4 or 5 members, not consisting of myself as i have other business to attend to; to recover a certain set of articles which have unfortunately been...how shall i say...removed without my authority from a nobles' manor. Given my status in a certain organization I have the duty of returning the articles to their rightful owner, a noble who serves under my authority."


she sips some brandy and smacks her lips at the delightful taste. wipping her mouth off with a napkin she continues.


"should you be able and willing i will offer you an affront payment of 500 gold each; use it in whatever way you see fit and to whatever means, but it should not go to waste. I'll give you three days to find several others, no more than three, to accomany you. once completed you will all be given your mission as well as necessary supplies and some gold to spend. if completed successfully, all i am allowed to offer is gold, but it will certainly be worth your while."


"Interested? You've not much time to decide; it is extremely important that you recover these things shortly, but if you choose to decline then i will offer 100 drakes each for your ear and hopefully a silent tongue."

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