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|HELP NEEDED| Player and NPCs Appearing Bald or Missing/Bugged Headwear (Hats)

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I'm having this issue in the game that's causing the vanilla headwear to either cause me or NPCs to go bald, be invisible, or be bugged in my chest (at least from what I've seen with the bowler hat). Very few have hair clipping, but that's mainly with the modded headwear which seems unaffected. I've tried disabling and re-enabling mods on my list with little to no effect. Yes, I did configure the ini's as the mods have instructed me to, and yes, I did try to set them to "just read", didn't work. I'm honestly not too sure what could be causing this as I've never had this kind of bug before other than in Skyrim (I remember it when I've modded Skyrim before but don't really remember the cause). If anyone could possibly help me or knows what the cause of it might be, please let me know. Any help is appreciated.

A heads up; this is a long mod list as this was something I was building in my own spare time, so I will understand if there are those of you that may be a bit resentful to that fact. I'm a bit of a mod fanatic, and I do apologize for that unfortunate trait of mine. I am done modding the game though, just trying to clean up anything that's not working for me (like the issue here).

I'll provide a Google Doc link for the list and images (bottom of doc) to get a better idea of what I'm dealing with here.

Commenting is enabled in the doc if anyone wants to highlight a certain part of it.

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