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Starfield Mods not working


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- Which version of Vortex are you using? (e.g. 1.8.0)



- Which game are you modding and which game store did you purchase it from? (e.g. Skyrim SE from GOG)

Starfield via Gamepass


- Which mods are you trying to use?

Shots from Vortex



- What steps did you take before you encountered the error?

No error, but nothing happens in the game either. Also have the custom.ini in Documents originally for the custom FOV.

Has the following code:







- What is the specific error message you received? (Provide a screenshot if possible)

None. It's like it's deploying into the ether.



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Why is there no update on any of these threads? I don't want to have to keep copying my mods around to get them in the correct location.

I agree the silence of the new dev team is deafening. At least Tannin would have popped in to say that they are working on it.


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It's the Starfield Extension that is the problem and if you go to the Extension page you can see that modders are having to work around some very weird changes Bethesda made with how things are loaded. Last I read it required changes to your INI file and actually moving folder from your "My Documents" folder to the game folder yourself in order to make things work.


Everyone who is posting here should be posting on the Extension page since that's where the problems are being discussed.

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