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Starfield Mods not working


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I get that it might feel like that but keep in mind that Starfield came out 18 days ago, so we're still gathering data on how modding works and what Vortex needs to do.


Coupled with that, both myself and Insomnious - who are the two main contributors to Starfield support - were on annual leave between 4-17 September which meant that even if the rest of the team knew what to change it may not have been possible to update it. You might say it was bad planning but in fairness the holiday was all booked in well before Bethesda delayed the release of the game.


As Showler pointed out, I have been responding to the mod page comments/bug reports intermittently but there's only so much I can do from a sunbed by the pool!


We're both back now so we'll be catching up on what's happening. Version 0.3.0 should have just dropped that includes a few bugfixes I did over the weekend.

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Thanks, Mike. Can I ask why the Starfield extension has its own mod page whereas other official extensions don't? Why isn't the Vortex support forum being used for support? I had no idea it even existed until I saw this thread.

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Guest deleted34304850

holidays and absence happen and that's part of life. i don't think anyone has a problem with that.


what has happened, and shouldn't have happened, is a number of people posted in vortex support, looking for support, and were completely ignored for days on end. meanwhile an extension was created and same/similar problems were being discussed, and no-one thought to cross-reference with the posts in vortex support.


you've got a page trumpeting the new team, community managers and all the rest of it - and that's great. i think all the additions are solid - but - there are, obviously gaps, and this seems to have fallen right into a gap. for all the new team members, no-one picked up these threads in this forum and left them for weeks, unanswered and ignored.


silence from nexusmods in this forum indicates no support for vortex. now that may not be the case, but, from the perspective of a user with a problem, that's all they see - they're posting into a void. they have a problem, no-one is responding, no-one cares.


then, you've got someone basically telling all the people who posted looking for support that they should be posting elsewhere (but doesn't show/tell where this new location is) - basically further enforcing the implied lack of support.


if starfield's vortex extension is being developed as a new entity away from vortex, which i guess acts as a framework for it to work - then please, someone, put an update to the sticky, poimting people with starfield modding issues who use vortex to the extension page so that everything can be kept in one place (although it really should all fall under vortex support).

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It really, really would have helped if someone official had dropped into this thread, and others, to point people toward the extension page for more information/help. Anybody could have done that regardless of whether they could work on the extension or not. It didn't have to be you or Insomnious.
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You can still ask for support here, the lack of reply from staff was not an intentional choice, it was just the result of factors beyond our control.


As I'm sure you know we've had to deal with a lot of spammy vitriol from trolls the last few weeks so that was taking up a lot of time for the other CMs.


I agree it could be better.


We decided to make Starfield a separate extension (similar to Hogwarts Legacy, etc) as this way allow for it to updated a lot faster than of it were in the core app. At the moment, the long term plan is to merge it back into Vortex proper once it's stabilised, but for now we can make little tweaks and fixes as the modding community matures.

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Guest deleted34304850

Picky, you, sir, are an absolute diamond.

I hope you don't think the criticisms here are laid at your feet - they absolutely are not.

You are, and always have been, a reliable and friendly voice that has answered hundreds of questions and taught myself so much.

I get the troll nuisance and i really do not envy you or the team having to deal with those cowards. I think, if we look at that as an isolated issue that needs addressing - nexusmods have been 10/10 in how they have dealt with that absolute waste of everyone's time.

and of course, because you do have to deal with that complete waste of time, that means your limited resources (the people) are stretched and when that happens, gaps get wider, and here we are.


you're a superstar.

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Hi all


Apologies for the lack of comms from my side, it's been a pretty crazy few months and especially the last few weeks. I'm working on a longer 'what's been happening' post but a quick heads up regarding Starfield - we are going to be releasing v0.4 of the Vortex extension within the next couple of days (it's currently being tested). This will provide a better modding setup/foundation from the get go and fix these more common issues. Will let you know more info soon as well as what we are working on next.


Bare :facepalm: Bear with us!

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