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There's an interim release of xEdit, 4.1.5g, available on the xEdit Discord.

  • interim build to add minimal support for new Starfield release
  • no updated what's new
  • no correct support for mid masters (they will load as full in this version
  • a proper build will follow in the future


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7 minutes ago, aurreth said:

There's an interim release of xEdit, 4.1.5g, available on the xEdit Discord.


Thanks, Aurreth!  Until xEdit is ready and completely properly formatted and constructed, it is still extremely experimental; as such I will not be linking it in the main topic as of yet, as it is not really ready for general use by the modding community.

That being said, though, it might not be a bad idea for people to look at it so as to get acquainted with how the final product may appear - it's just not a good idea at this point in time to actually use it (except for personal use).

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From https://www.nexusmods.com/news/14993

Below is information concerning mods and plugins, from the Nexus article by Pickysaurus, linked above, regarding the release of the Creation Kit.

"The latest update for the Starfield game (version enables mod loading by default. This means that Plugins.txt Enabler and Starfield Script Extender (or an ASI loader) are no longer required to play with mods. Simply install the mods with your favourite mod manager (or manually drop them into the Data folder) and start the game.

We're working on an update to Vortex to bring our support for Starfield up to date with the latest version of the game.

New plugin types

The latest version of Starfield includes a major shift in how plugins are shared which has some important implications for how load ordering works in the game. The Creation Kit provides options to export your completed plugin in three different formats:

Full Master - This is what all mods containing ESMs have been using up to now. A full master takes up one of the 253 slots in the plugin load order (excluding the base game and DLCs).
Medium Master - This is a new plugin type for Starfield. Medium masters are ESM plugins combined into the 254th (FD) load order slot and can consist of ~65,535 new records each. You can load 256 medium masters at once. These are suitable for mods that add new locations, planets, etc.
Small Master - This is the same as the "Light" masters in Skyrim and Fallout 4, these plugins are combined into the 255th (FE) load order slot. These ESM files can hold 4,095 new records and you can load 4,096 small masters at once. These are suitable for mods that add new items, ships, weapons, or small interiors."

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When looking at mods to download, one thing you need to be aware of is that they are of the proper type. Plugins for Starfield are of the following 3 types - and nothing else:

Full Master
Medium Master
Small Master

all of which use the .esm suffix, as explained in the above post

So if you see a mod that has an .esp plugin, do not use it!

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Starfield updated to version 1.12.32

Starfield Creation Kit updated to version 1.12.32


From: https://x.com/BethesdaStudios/status/1801649010786087282

"Bethesda Game Studios

A hotfix has just been released for @StarfieldGame:

✨ The Starjacker: Adrastos will now respond correctly even if he was scanned or shot prior
✨ Creations: New animations from downloaded Creations will now function properly without rebooting
✨ Fixes to improve stability"



"Bethesda Game Studios @BethesdaStudios
Additionally, new Art Tools have been added to the #Starfield Creation Kit."

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