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ADDED to Section 3 - Tools

LOOT (Load Order Optimization Tool)


This release has a variety of improvements to Starfield, most notably re-enabling the ability to sort Starfield load orders, along with improvements and fixes for other games, and the ability to run LOOT's installer without admin privileges.

Changelog here: https://loot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/app/changelog.html

Thanks goes to Ilja for the heads up!



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10 minutes ago, aurreth said:

I can't get LOOT to work.  Error message every time, including something about needing Plugins.txt Enabler, which is no longer a requirement for Starfield.

I installed and ran it and received no messages about that.  I wonder if anyone else got the message that you did?  Might be worthwhile posting it on LOOT''s Posts page:

LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool at Modding Tools - Nexus Mods


EDIT - Also, are all your mods ones that have been either created with the CK, or updated via the CK if they were not originally made using it?

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One possibility is I decided early that the two different Data folders, and trying to figure out what should go where, was stupid, so I got rid of the one in My Games and created a hardlink to the actual Data folder in the game directory.  I've never had problems installing mods or getting them to work since then.

LOOT may be trying to look for mods in two places, but since both those places are logically the same folder it is getting confused.  I could remove the link and see what happens, but since LOOT is the only thing not working I'll just stick with what I've got.

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