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xEdit for Starfield (Extremely experiment and can only be used for viewing files and not editing them)


Don't know if people are generally aware of this, but there is an extremely experimental version of xEdit for Starfield (viewing only, not for editing things as of yet) - xEdit team had it listed on their Discord - here’s the download link:




Name to SF1View.exe or, for the 64 version, SF1View64.exe or add -sf1 and -view to command arguments.
Again, extremely experimental and can only be used for viewing records - it cannot be used for editing, as of yet.

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Just so people know, this was posted by Ilja over in the Steam forum:
"Currently there is a bug, where players need to complete "Into the Unknown" before doing any big quests. Otherwise game will bug out. BGS also warned about it."


I apologize - I should have verified that information myself and so I need to walk back about it being a definite/verified bug.

This was posted by Ilja in the Steam forum as regards that:

"I can not find the BGS comment about this. Perhaps I misread the notification? In any case, here is what the bug does and how to avoid it. I checked other sources as well. This was the clearest I could find.



Chef dug out reddit thread about this.

https://www.reddit.com/r/Starfield/comments/16cwl32/bethesda_support_says_you_should_complete_into/?rdt=47669 "

The above clarification can be found here

Allegedly, the quests that may potentially be affected are:

Back to Vectera

Empty Nest

Bottom line - some people have apparently posted about an issue regarding this, but there does not seem to be anything that would definitely indicate that there is a verified bug directly attributable to or caused by not finishing Into the Unknown, as there are people who reported that they did not do Into the Unknown first, but did the other two quests first, and had no issues. Indeed, in the Steam Starfield forum, I have seen no mention of people encountering this (yes, I actually wade through all the nonsense posts - LOL! to read the ones that are actually legitimate).

So, all the above being said, without anything verified, it is a personal decision whether to proceed with Into the Unknown first.

(Note: I have not done Into the Unknown, nor have I done the other two - so cannot confirm one way or another myself the veracity of the report)

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