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How to test and debug NPC mod

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Hello there!


I'm working over expansion of my follower mod (here it is). And I faced the issue, that it is very hard to test and debug it in game.

For example, now I'm adding to 1 follower some reactions when it is in caves and dungeons. When I test conditions I need to change plugin in CK, save it, launch game, load save, take follower, teleport to cave and wait... no WAIT AND PRAY that dummy will say the line I wanted. But I have plans to add more voicelines that will play in different situatuions.


And I have feeling, that I'm doing something wrong. Is there any more fast way to force NPC react in way I wanted to? For example, dunno, how Interpreter console in Visual Studio works. Or Unit Testing.


I checked forum with "debug" and "debug npc" requests. I found some interesting articles, but they not cover my issue.


Thanks for you attention.

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