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OBSE can't find Oblivion.exe (Game Pass)

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Hello Guys,

it's my first time modding and it's not working.
Since i spend many weeks in Skyrim, i wanted to try out Oblivion, but thought i could make this experiance easier on my eyes.


There was a post with the same topic from over a year ago, but it wasn't the most active one.

I downloaded Oblivion via Xbox Game Pass, if that makes any difference (again i really don't know what i am doing).

After following the third video of the "Get Started" section in Vortex, i downloaded the Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) but when i try to start the game through vortex, it says, that OBSE isn't running in the same folder as oblivion.exe, but as my screenshot "Oblivion_Location" shows (and i am reading it right), it actually is.


I hope i provided everything needed and thank you in advance.


EDIT: Just realised that some things are german, sorry for that.

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