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Alot Mod Ideas mostly inspired from other games


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Edit: I Changed some points bc I wrote those Ideas as I started the game fresh and didnt know some of them are already in the game :D


However here are my Ideas + some new ones - mostly inspired from games like starbound FU, Skyrim and Fallout4


Character (most important first lol)

-Bodyslide + BHUNP if possible... BHUNP is by far the best I have ever seen. At least for Skyrim SE imo.

-Body and Clothing Physics

-Visible Player Body in 1st Person

-Walking while faceing the camera

-More Hairstyles, Makeup, Moles, Scars, Tattoos, more Details

-3rd Person camera adjustability (to move 3rd person Camera lower, higher, closer etc)

-more idels (animations)

-"Smile at the camera" (skyrim mod idea)

-crawling, instead of sneaking (or in addition)



-Hunger, Thirst, Need to sleep

-Usable Coffee Machines, Cooking stoves, Toilets, Showers, Mircoscopes, Training gadgets etc

-Rotting Food (prevent rotting in Coolers or Fridges)

-extreme Weathers (Acid Rain, Molten Metal Rain, Poison Rain, Tornados, earthquakes)

-Meteorites and / or shooting stars

-Lava seas, Poison seas, Acid seas, Saltwater or frozen Seas

-Way more animals and plants - to hunt and collect (maybe alien Bugs and Viruses)



-Containers with more capacity

( Edit: Done in the Starfield Mod of KaySato " Custom Carry Weights " )

-Uran, Plutonium, Irradium, Thorium and other radioactive stuff to use as energy ( in Fusion and / or Fission reactors )

-Industrial Batterys in different sizes (to save energy)

-More Weapons, Armor, Clothing, Accesoires, food recepies, Medicine, etc

-extractors for Items (Centrifuges, Stonecrusher, Sifter etc) to get crafting materals

-Different Ship Fuels to enable longer travel distances / the need to fill up ship fuel from time to time



-Cows, Fishes, Sheeps, Bees, Chicken, Pigs and other (alien or earthlike) animals to Farm - for craftigmaterials / Food

-Plant Farms, Crystal Farms



-smoking Cigars and cigarettes

-Visible Footprints for deserts or moons (skyrim Mod idea)

-Investment system (maybe with Banks?)

-Vehicles to travel on planetsurfaces -> Hoverbikes, Flying cars, rideable Aliens

-Intelligent alien species for quests or as crew members

-Pets (normal cats or alien monsters, it doesnt matter)

-Prost!tut!on and Slavery system

-More NPCs

-NPCs commiting crimes randomly

-Useable Notice Block (to write something down like a checklist for crafting materials)

-Usable digital photoframe (to use with own photos or videos)

-Usable TV`s (to use with own Videos / Movies / IMG Slideshows)

-Usable Music players (for custom Music Playlists) with those "Alexa like" gatgets maybe? (was it eddmund?)



I will update this one if I have some more ideas

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