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! Spoiler Warning ! a not insulting casino jackpot amount


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so in the Olympus System there's "The Almagest" that turns out is filled with spacers having captured and pillaged the place,
coolest place iv'e been to so far i gotta say, first time experiencing zero-g movement and combat for that matter in starfield and they done did this hella good.

anyways.. there is a wee computer tucked into a maintenance tunnel that you can use to give yourself the current local jackpot of the casino...

me ofc thinking *wtf, jackpot?!? :o this must be a few thousand credits at least :,D finally a big and easy payday and i can get an upgrade for my ships reactor or something*

or something along those lines anyway......

and so it was much to my dismay when i found the code and input it into the computer to take the jackpot payout and only receive 3500 credits..........3500..... not even enough for a f*#@ing decent weapon purchase, HANDHELD weapon at that..... never f*#@ing mind a decent ship weapon.. never ever ever mind a big reactor upgrade or the like.. i was just overall very disappointed..

that being said tho there was a contraband chest in the corner with like 8-9 pieces of 10k+ value items (but that whittles down to about only 8000-9000 value when sold) so i guess whoever designed the place wanted to make the player work for the moneys but i don't even know yet where to sell contraband yet so it's just going into my little contraband box in my outpost, hey, a outpost needs your help.

anyway i guess this is mostly just a rant but would be cool if someday a mod was made to make that jackpot actually more of a jackpot

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It's not always easy to find the best market for contraband items. Have you asked around your outpost or done some research online? You might try reaching out to some people who specialize in buying and selling contraband items, as they may have some leads for you. Also, if you're looking for a quick buck, consider hosting an auction at your outpost - that could help you get top dollar for your items quickly. Good luck!

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This is the concept of "GOOD LOOT". A good game revels in giving the gamer good loot, while ensuring the game challenge isn't ruined by the same.


A BAD game (just about anything Beth touches) nerfs all loot, no matter how hard you work to get it, in order to prevent the internal 'economy' from being 'ruined'. It gets worse. Beth bought massive into GaaS and exploiting whales via dirty gaming psychological tricks. Then the bottom dropped out of GaaS for all but the most skilled manipulators. However, GaaS was baked into the DNA of all games Beth has worked on in the last 6+ years, even if in their release form the GaaS elements have been somewhat hacked out, and micro-transactions are missing.


The non-exploitative gaming loop always has the reward matching the effort of the mission, so you end the mission with a smile on your face. However it takes actual game design talent to achieve this. And even much better teams than Beth find it hard to do. When a team masters the art (like Fromsoftware), their games get bigger and bigger and their fan-base loyalty never stops growing.


If being honest, Todd would proudly proclaim "we make games for normies- people for whom quality is the least important factor". And he is right. Hype sells his games, hype that comes with a PR spend in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Then the unique fact that his games are open-world frameworks with unprecedented ability to be modded keeps the more discriminating gamer interested.

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