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[MOD REQUEST] - Catfolks, Tabaxi or Khajiits please!


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can someone pleeeeeeeeease make an mod for playable tabaxi ???
You know, like the khajiits from Elder Scrolls.
My character in dnd (and skyrim) is a catfolk and i reeeeeeally want to play with it in bg3!

I would be really really happy!
And sorry by bad english, i'm brazilian :confused:

(Below is an illustrative image created by AI depicting how I envision a tabaxi/khajiit in the BG3 universe)

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I am in agreement with this request. I am planning on getting BG3, but it saddens me to not see my favorite race in there. In Skyrim I play Khajit, in Pathfinder I play Catfolk, in Starfinder I have 2 Pahtra, and inb STO I play Caitian. Cats are my fav race in ANY setting lol. Please let this become a reality.

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