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Uninstalled Some Mods and Now my Graphics Are Horrible


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My game hasn't been running as good as I'd like with my Nvidia GPU so I figured I'd try some visual mods. I installed PureDark's Upscaler along with Ziyakid's performance optimization mod. I wasn't loving how my performance and picture were after installation so I decided to remove the mods. Now when I run the game my graphics look worse than ever before. Everything is super dark and the quality seems super low.

Did I somehow corrupt my save file? I have tried verifying the integrity of my game files, uninstalling and reinstalling, uninstalling and reinstalling to a different SSD, pretty much everything. Any advice here would be great because I am struggling to even play the game now. I even tried starting a new save file to see if it was something related to my character/save and it had the same issues. It won't let me publish the screenshots as the size is too large, however everything is super dark in them if that gives any context.




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Sigh- only a fool uses mods in the early days of any Beth game, and thinks those mods will work properly or are properly coded. Most early mods are posted for clout- many by people who know they are faulty cons.


Some of these mods, like the DRM DLSS ones, do VERY bad things to your system. If you have the misfortune of removing such low level hacks, and have major issues, you may even have to do a complete wipe and clean re-install of Windows. Who wants that?


Now some will read this and state I am exaggerating. But these people, like myself, are technically skilled and won't put any mod on that cannot clearly be safely reversed. Most normies wouldn't have a clue how to check for safely removable mod code/files.


A PC is a darned complex machine, with settings in so many places you would not believe. Yet many of you people here risk its welfare for trivial reasons, then cry when things go wrong.


Answering your specific issue, find where your game play data is stored on your C drive (not the game install). There will usually be TWO locations, one for general game settings and one for game saves. Try completely deleting both (you can make back-ups) so the game is forced to recreate them fresh, as it did when you first installed it. If the game has deep settings that a re-install doesn't fix, that's where they will be. If that doesn't work, you may be about to learn an important lesson.

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