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[LE] Request: A Mod Of My Beloved Dog


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First of all i want to thank all of you modders for taking the time to make the mods that make skyrim fun to play :D


The reason im posting here is because I miss my dog very much all the time and i was hoping to persuade one of you skilled modders to make a mod of my doggy, she was like a child to me and was my best friend its been 4 years since she passed away and im still not over it and i dont think i will ever be.


Her name was Spoiled i had her since she was a baby pup she died at age 13 she was a medium sized stocky thick dog part Rot/GermShep she was sassy and highly intelligent in tune with human emotions I used to think she had he soul of a human when i looked in her eyes she touched my heart and I will never forget her after she died I paid cuddle clones to make a stuffed animal that looked like her and that is where her cremated ashes are stored clearly I loved her very much and tat has not changed now im asking if one of you could make me a stand alone follower mod of her for me please so i can bring her back to life within my game I would gladly donate for this because I know its not easy and i know it takes time i will upload photos on this so you can see what she looks like i dont want a generic dog that looks similar to her i want it to look detailed if possible thank you


please dont reply with links of tutorials that i wont be able to understand because i have already tried to the best of my ability to make this mod myself and im just not getting it :sad:

and please do not send me links to other dog mods because i dont want other dog mods i just want my own dog :sad:

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