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Heyas fair folk of Faerun,


I was wondering if someone would be willing and able to extract an existing asset from the game, Willoughby's monocle, and make it available somehow for our characters – either as an in-game piece of equipment that could go in the helmet, cloak or pendant slot, or as a character creation cosmetic, maybe in the piercings & jewelry category? Or even in someplace kinda unorthodox like @Aloija's Horns of Faerun that unlocks the horns submenu for all races – this maybe could be a viable avenue to add something like eyewear on characters?


I'd be willing to repay your time and kindness with a character art commish of your Tav. [Sample art of my own Tav from my BG1-BG2 enhanced edition run; have some ladies too for range] :)


Thank you!

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