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Hello everyone, Im a newbie when it comes to modding. Im creating a custom race mod with unique abilities and spells, which includes animated wings and a tail with psychics. I have no idea where to go, or who to ask.. hopefully someone can either assist me, or point me in the right direction. I have permission to use a few assets from the Better Vampire Mod, such as certain spells that I will edit to my liking. That said here are my questions..



1. My custom race is using the Vampire race as a starter, meaning my race is registered as a Vampire Nord in game. Im creating a power modeled after the Reveal Auras spell in the mod, difference is I want it as a lesser power and not a spell. I want to be able to activate at any given time I please, without it affecting any magica. Thing is.. since Im extremely new to modding Im using his spells copied over and just altering them; would be easier to start from scratch (unless someone can give me a few tips)?


So how do I make a lesser power that can detect ALL living, undead, enemies, and machines which each Aura being colored a different color (color coded) without the a cool down or it effecting magica in any way (and if possible heart beats when near anything considered alive)?



2. Im attempting to create a similar rank progression through amounts of necks bitten, based on his reverse option. I have no clue as to go about that, I want to be able to have certain spells/abilities and vampiric drain available ONLY through rank progression, such as the rank titles starting from Vampire Fledging (lv1) all to Nightlord Vampire (lv50). I dont want it to ever decrease in rank simply because I havent been feeding, so once I reach the next level I stay that way. I dont ever get demoted. I DO however want health and stamina damage to take effect when Im starving over the course of starving for 2/3 days.


How do I start that?

Also How do I remove all sun damage and any negative effects it has on my stamina, health and magica (as if I were human Nord)?



3. Im trying to have custom wings and a tail, each using the XP32 Maximum skeleton so I can use its physics for the tail and wing animations for the wings. I was going to use the animated dragon wings assets and simply use them as a power, so I can toggle it off whenever I want. For the tail Im not sure how to be able to add it as a power like the wings, or adding/changing the skeleton to the XP32 as instructed in the description when downloading it. I want players to be able to summon both, or use one as an armor add on with the tail showing through armor.


How to I create that power for the wings and Tail, which INCLUDES the XP32 Skeleton for its animation?


I have searched for tutorials online but cant find one specifically for what Im asking for.. can anyone help me? 😔

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