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Inter ship comms (NPC AI orders) and Navigation short cuts


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Hi, so what i'm looking for is,

Internal ships comms which would work from the nav desk or the captains chair or any dummy console panel in the bridge, basically what it would do is call the npc crew to there stations and get them to take there place on the bridge in there respective seats, (mainly the hired crew) the companions can wander were they like or take a jump seat as well on the bridge, just sick and tired of being the only one on the bridge, when the crew should also be there as well, maybe even a direct command to the npc to go to the bridge when we talk to them personally. so just to clarify the ships comms would give a ship wide call for all to take to there stations and prepare for take off, to undock, for battle etc..


Navigation short cuts, from the nav desk if your ship has one or from the navigation screen, which would give us quick short cuts to setting a path back to known and regularly used locations like cities and ports and our own outposts, so just like when a mission sets up a path to the mission location so this list will do the same to our fav landing spots.

Cheers for reading, hope someone takes on the project, cheers up front if you do.

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