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[Mod Request/Idea] Gnolls and Tabaxi Player Race


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There isn't really anything else to add to this.

I know Fantastical Multiverse is a thing, but all I want is these two races and not the 50+ other ones that frankly just look like already-existing races in different colors. I also know Tabaxi aren't IN BG3, but maybe someone can make it work somehow? I don't know. Just tossing the idea out there in the hopes that it sticks.
It's mostly the Gnolls I'd love to have. Even if the only customization is the color of the fur/eyes or something and you can't see your armor on them.


I would do it myself but mod-making is just not something my brain is capable of processing even the basics of. Let alone a whole custom species.


Thanks for any consideration!!

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I know your mod idea is a little more specific than this, but in case you haven't seen it there is a Werewolf mod that uses the Gnoll as a base:




Note, there are actually two werewolf mods; I'm currently using the older one by another user, but the one I linked just came out recently and looks pretty good.


I'd like to see more customizable races though!

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In a old version of the game, It had this :



But then, nothing....I hope we will get soon playable gnoll mod and new race additions soon.

With it and "Fantastical Multiverse" mod, I will able to realize one of my biggest dreams in a video game : Saving the world with a team of ferocious, beastly humanoids-monsters.

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