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Mod to carry weapon lowered in first person.


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The player character already does lower the weapon when getting close to something like a wall or a locker. Given that this animation exists (and I know a mod like this has been made for FO4), is it possible to make a mod so the character lowers the weapon when not having fired or ADS'd for a few seconds?

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So, the things that hotkey mod did is call player actions, and the relax action worked fine; but that's not the case here. Some internal script immediately snaps it back up unless you're facing a wall, no matter how much you call that action.


Here's the relevant IDs you can test out:

for player.performaction or player.pa ;;---sadly these idles don't seem to work at all
26897C ---1stPerson_Gun_GunDown
26897B ---1stPerson_Gun_GunDownStart
26897A ---1stPerson_Gun_GunDownStop
for player.playidle
22A35 ---ActionGunDown ;;--- this one starts the animation, and immediately stops if no wall; same thing when you call it when the gun is down, it tries to put it back up but stops
3B248 ---ActionGunRelaxed;;--- this one works 100% of the time in 3rd person (also includes melee)

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