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[REQ] Weapon swapping stutter and stuttering when you shoot elemental weapons, Please Help!


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Update: For anyone reading this it has finally been fixed by Antonix35 please check out the fix here https://www.nexusmods.com/starfield/mods/2830 and endorse the mod so more people can see it. Thanks!


When quick swapping to legendary, epic or rare guns with modifiers the game stutters like crazy and it's super annoying to the point were late game combat is just awful.

On top of that when shooting an enemy with a gun that has a elemental modifier (such as incendiary) it also stutters. Many people have speculated that the weapon

swap stutter is due to the inventory having to many items in it, but this is not my or many others cases as we have tried removing all items from the inventory and the

stuttering persists.


the swap stutter seems to get worse the more modifiers the weapon has and the higher the weapon rarity is as I have experienced.


If you need to recreate the bug spawn in a legendary weapon and a laser cutter then open the scanner with the legendary equipped and it will cause the cutter to be

equipped inducing a stutter or simply quick swap between a legendary gun and any other gun. I hope you see what I mean.


please If someone could try to fix this massive problem that many are experiencing that would be amazing. Anyone reading this post please spread the message

as I do not see it getting fixed anytime soon, and more and more people are entering late game and will experience this awful immersion breaking bug.


Below I have provided a simple demo of this happening.



Demo ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NinDLUVXJhA

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On gamepass and can confirm this started happening to me after doing a quickloading cycle to get roll better loot on a high level enemy. My 3rd time doing it. I swear I wasn't stuttering before that but now that I go back to older saves, I seem to notice it now. Don't know if I just ignored it before or something in the game's code is now permanently screwed up. Has anybody tried uninstall/reinstalling yet?

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This happen to me as far as the weapon swapping until I noticed how many items I had in my inventory (my weight was over 2500/5000). Once I reduced the amount of items I was carrying in my inventory to ~200 weight, the stuttering from swapping weapons stopped.

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Hello i would ask is there possible mod to change weapon tier to base?

Example: I have epic pistol and rifle but i cant use it from hotkeys because there is swap lag problem and its literally unplayable. So maybe if someone know how to change it from epic to base it can fix the problem?

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