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Please fix Starfield... outpost control terminal


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So a few things,


>>>Storage towers for outpost resources. (auto sort by name)


I currently have like 15-20 both solid resource and warehouse boxes. once every few days I have to empty them all out and then re fill them to keep them organized otherwise I can't find what I'm looking for. with so many different resources I'm shocked Starfield's resource management is so awful.


<{Or even simpler just make an outpost control terminal that shows all current resources at an outpost with the ability to withdraw them or transfer to ship}>


>>>Packed outpost buildings. (or even just a pack of the resources required)


Say I want to go and start a new outpost to farm iron or whatever. in order to be able to go and start this outpost I have to go to my main outpost and I have to look each buildings req resources, try to remember them off hand then go to all my boxes, and transfer each one to my ship. This becomes very overwhelming. that and i have no way to check what the iron extractor requires in order to build.


This can be fixed by adding the ability at the outpost control terminal to make packed buildings. or even just resource packs that would bundle the resources for each buildable structure and load them on your ship.


>>>the ability to track and untrack individual resources..


resource tracking is broken. you know it. I know it. everybody knows it. (Probably already a mod for this id be shocked if there isn't already.)


>>>the ability to program extractors to only extract a settable number of resources.


I cant be the only one that has returned to my yard only to find 2750 packs of extra chlorine I didn't need after taking a nap on the wrong planet with 1 hour days lmao..


I'm sure there are many other functions that can be added but these are the ones id consider the most important.



>>>bonus>>> space flavored dirt bike or ATV for cruzing around on planets making exploring faster.


Soooo.... much.... walking.... (I know this one probably isn't super easy and most likely wont happen, but man it would be nice)


Anyone else turn around after exploring only to see your ship icon is 2000 units away and your over encumbered?


****I've actually thought about this more and I think a more plausible solution would be a boosted speed skip pack/jetpack. Low height, long distance, fast speed jumps.****

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