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Starfield Extension Issue


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I looked through a couple of pages here, but saw no mention of this issue.


Seems in a Startfield profile, the Edit option is missing:

"This profile has its own save games"

"This profile has its own game settings"


It is also missing in other profiles (as long as the Starfield profile is active). If a different profile (for another game) is made active, these options return, even for the Startfield profile.


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I don't have that game yet. Some games manage save games differently than others, so Vortex has to be told where else to look for game files and saves. Does BG3 require a Vortex extension? If so, you will need to install it.


As long as you have the BG3 game selected, Vortex will show its edit options until you select another game. That's why it looks like they are "disappearing."

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Actually it's Starfield. I'm sure you're correct, but I see no place to tell it where the save game folder is. It follows the same method as Skyrim and Fallout. I did have to specify the game folder when I first loaded the prev ver of the extension, but nothing about saved game file location. I may have to look at things at a lower level to understand how this info is set.

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Save redirection is written by Ini Tweak to its prefs ini (including default profile), by adding profile ID onto its vanilla saves path. Fallout 4 used custom ini for some reason but for all the other BGS games, it swaps it out directly from the prefs ini.

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I noticed that a while back after I ran Bethini and had odd things happening with the game getting the right files in different profiles. Ran it down finally and saw how it works.


However, I suspect the Vortex extension doesn't know where to find the files to do this with Starfield (and seems to not have an option to manually enter the locations). It has the correct game path, it just doesn't work as the others do (no options in edit, etc).

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