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I downloaded this mod yesterday and I've been playing it non-stop as it's pretty good...



The problem, however, is that the game crashes at the iron door in the Lower Levels of the "Abandoned Structure" map, no matter what I do after I open up that door the game always crashes...


I did look up the solution online and I did find something on the grimrock.net forum, but unfortunately their solution doesn't help me because I already have version 2.2 of LoG2 (they recommend updating LoG2 to 2.1.18, so as you can see their solution doesn't help me since I already have a newer version of the game, downloaded from GOG in case that it matters...)


Also, I couldn't ask for a solution on the grimrock.net forum as they have registration disabled, so I can't register to ask there, which is why I'm asking here...


If anyone knows how I can fix this crash (well, fix all of the - eventual - crashes for this mod, not just this particular crash :tongue:) please tell me because I'm itching to finish the mod after I became invested into it so much...


Thanks in advance for any help, and cheers!


EDIT: I just tried other mods and ALL of them (except for Grimrock Unlimited) crashed right before the gameplay started. And I also tried with ALL settings to low, and I also switched to Vsync from Triple Buffering, and I also have that 4GB patch installed and it makes no difference. The mods keep crashing, I'm clueless what else to do. Can someone give a hint or two please?

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