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[Mod request] Immersive landing


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Ahoy nexus magicians, I am down on my knees begging you for this!

The problem:
As I am sure people have noticed, when you fly to a city like New Atlantis, and open the scanner to land while in orbit, you have to open the star map to land the ship because there is multiple fast travel points in the city, instead of just pressing "R" to land like in other places where there is only one fast travel point. For both options, when you land, you just get a loading screen and spawn outside of your spaceship ( if you have a large/long ship then more times then often you are stuck under the ship, hooray!)

This really bugs me out as I hate fast travel and always have enjoyed BGS games slowly, and really want that "lived in feeling" for starfield too. So here is my request:

The solution:
A mod that removes all other fast travel points so you don't have to go to the star map every time you want to land the ship. AND the most important thing: Activates the landing animation EVERY TIME you land, and spawns you inside the cockpit of your ship, and not outside. - just like when you land on a bare planet or moon.

To me, this is how it should have been in the vanilla game, I can't be the only one bothered by this, and I hope it can be fixed without creation kit.

Thank you all for working your magic on BGS games, in general, and in advance for this one!

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I agree wholeheartedly! I didn't follow the news for this game, so I was mildly disappointed to see just how much space traversal is tethered to fast travel. I don't necessarily mind that in itself, but I feel that they didn't put enough effort into making it as immersive as can be. The least they could have done would be to make the required menus and screens accessible directly from consoles within the ship in real-time and not from a completely detached pause menu. It's a pain to have to constantly get up from the pilot's seat and walk to the navigator panel knowing all the while that you could have just pressed M while still on the surface of the planet you just visited. Feels like the choice right now is efficient but boring or immersive but tedious and sluggish. I was playing Mass Effect 2 recently, and even that handles space travel in a much more immersive way despite ultimately being a glorified fast travel.

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