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[request] more detailed sound control?/Sopund tweaks


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I was wondering if this is worth a discussion about, it's a minor gripe, but...


I always hate it when games have like a low roar of ambient music, especially in dungeons, that make it very hard to adjust sound properly. Particularly because they always come under effects and not music.

I really like it when games include an option to adjust background noise level for those that hate it or are bothered by it, but for a game that hasn't even included brightness/gamma/contrast sliders, not surprised on this one. Though am a little you can adjust not only your own footsteps separately from other effects but also other people's footsteps? interesting proiprities for manual adjustment.


I was trying to listen to a music playlist on spotify made by a modder here, that I thought made good background for fighting my way through a dungeon, but after trying to adjust my sound levels, it felt like the game was super quiet, so I turned it up, but then there's just this roar of background ambience which is really annoying

I guess I can't blame the gun sounds for being quiet and pathetic when I'm using a weapon with a surpressor lol. But I still don't feel like the sound is balanced very well.


If there was some kind of a way of tweaking specific volume levels for things like fun sounds, item noises/pickup sounds or clattering, ambient backgroiund noise, door sounds and other environmental stuff... things like that. And if there isn't already a way to do that, a mod that can maybe let you adjust things through an ini file or something would be cool?


it'd be really useful I think. Expecially being able to reduce that horrible background nosie.

But I do understand not everyone will be bothered by stuff like this like I am.

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