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I'm thinking about the idea of a mod - an anthology of quests. One quest is Psychonauts in Skyrim.

There is a follower of Sheogorath who has been wandering through various areas, stealing people's minds and putting them into vessels that he has hidden. He has been captured by a Vigilant of Stendarr who asks our character to find these vessels and free the people's souls. The search process itself can be a quest or simply a dungeon crawl. The mind levels themselves can have multiple solutions. For example, a war veteran's mind is a constant battleground. You can bring victory to his side, give him inner peace, or lose, which means his quest has failed, but we tried. When we return to the Vigilant, he will provide a new clue for a new mind, and something will be increasingly off. For example, his metaphors will sound stranger and stranger. It will turn out that the Sheolite has been slowly driving the Vigilant mad. There may also be several solutions, one of which is to use illusions to force him to behave normally, i.e. a madman pretending to be normal. The quest reward may be Folium Discognitum, which will give 2 perk points.

Examples of minds:

  • A war veteran's mind is a constant battlefield;
  • An adventurer's mind is an endless dungeon, where Dwemer ruins become Nord ruins, and so on;
  • A mind of a dying man: everything collapses and disappears. Or a condemned criminal who wants to reform;
  • A creepy mind inspired by the book A Gift of Sanctuary. You can defeat skeletons to collect bones for the Magnificent Palace of Alabaster and Ivory;
  • A Circus of Cheerful Slaughter: Arena level;
  • A conspiracy theorist's mind: An excellent opportunity to implement some Elder Scrolls theories and create epic locations like the Spilled Sand. Dwemer mantled in orcs, Daedric Princes are mortal mages, Nirn is the Daedric plane of Mehrunes Dagon, robots (Kinetically-Interlinked Nirnian Multi-User Exoform) from the future have infiltrated society, etc;
  • A mind of a simple peasant who thinks he is the Dragonborn (The Last, or perhaps Uriel V, who returned to Tamriel with an army of dragons);
  • Arkved from Vaermina's quest from Oblivion. His mind is filled with surreal nightmares;
  • A mind of an animal, such as a cow or a dog;
  • OK, I'll write it, you convinced me: A mind of a reader of the Lusty Argonian Maid.

Could anyone be interested in this idea? In this quest and anthology of quests mod? I'm bad at creating locations, especially open ones.
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My other raw ideas:

  • A mad Dremora wants to start his own farm on Nirn, an excellent field for misunderstanding jokes. Meeting neighbors, meeting livestock, bureaucratic hell to open trade (Where you have to queue bureaucrats kicks you to each other for filling out forms (Although it suits better for the Fallout setting).);
  • A detective quest, but the criminal, their motive and the evidence are chosen at random (film Clue). And make sure that the result of the investigation is revealed after a few quests, so that you can't just load a save and choose another suspect.
  • The Big Race: You have to run to a checkpoint, find clues to another checkpoint, and repeat, all over Skyrim. Opponents will set up setups, and we can also take them out using dialogue, bribes, and created situations;
  • A theatrical quest where the player needs to play a specific role, like Morrowind's A Star is Born;
  • Trial quest.

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